Lovable fictions and uncertain reality. (2019)

My works appear in front of you in various forms. It is sometimes as an orthodox painting, also it may be a set of photos or a collage of extreme coloring via digital media.
I also write poetry, and make small books like diaries that combine records of my own life in fragments. I will not hesitate to adopt any technique for what I want to do. And I’m not afraid that the style will lose its consistency by that thing.
Motif is every moment I meet in daily life. It might be something I saw on the street, or something that I have encountered in the vast amount of information on the internet. Also it may be a word that came up my mind. Anyway, everything that I met through my mind and body has the potential to become a motif.
And each one of the works born from there is strongly reflects myself on that times, and becomes my own virtual image. I call them “Lovable fictions”.
They will sometimes get your sympathy and stimulate your imagination. Also, there may be opposite.
What I am trying to show through my work is fragmentary evidence of the “uncertain reality” in the extension of a solid reality.
I love the existence of any ambiguous memories or uncertain records that have traces of human hands. Because, I feel like they can tell me the secret of this world little by little.